Memberships Websites Without  the Technical Hassle

Customised to Grow Your Community and Run on Autopilot


High impact websites that transform your business into the focal point of your community and market.


Developing a website yourself can be a technical headache and waste of time. Instead, hand over the complicated development process to a professional and get world class results.


Gain reliable, time-tested technology that doesn’t put you at the mercy of a single programmer. We customise the functionality of your membership site to your bespoke requirements.


Your website comes with simple but powerful management tools that allow you to control your members, easily create new content and comfortably alter what’s already there.


Don’t risk hiring someone who just makes websites, hire our experts who have a proven track record with years of experience.


Your website is designed to make you money while you sleep. We optimise and automate the sales funnel process for you, allowing the generation of passive income.


Almost half of your customers will use mobile. Our mobile responsive designs work on any device or browser.


Premium websites that will impress audiences, grow your community and increase your bottom line.


Seamless integration with a range of different services including social media platforms, payments processors and mailing list software.

Want to know why most membership websites FAIL?

It’s because hiring a developer to solve the technical problems of your website is only half the solution. To REALLY succeed you don't JUST need any old developer, you need an EXPERT that specialises in membership websites.

We've spent the last few years honing our craft, so we know exactly how to set up the complex moving parts of a membership site. That's why people choose us. We get the job done properly.


We walk you through each step of the development process...







All membership websites also come with the following features...

  • Page & content management tools
  • User management tools
  • Media uploading interface
  • SEO (on page)
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Speed optimisation
  • Cross brower compatibility

You then have the choice of the following options...

Website software installation

Membership software installation

Plugins bundle installation

Free Theme installation

Blog installation

'Free' membership level setup

'Paid' membership level setup

Subscription length control

Login workflow setup

Registration workflow setup (Simple)

Content protection

Content scheduling

Content previews

Social media integration

Theme configuration

Google analytics installation

Simple shopping cart integration

Advanced shopping cart integration

Registration workflow setup (Advanced)

Voucher and discount code options

Autoresponder integration

Registration workflow setup (Advanced)

Community messageboard, forum integration

Webinar integration

Exams, tests and online quizzes

Custom programming solutions

Strategic consulting and planning

Social network buildouts

Affiliate management integrations






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What People Are Saying

Outsourcing to someone on the other side of the world might seem tricky, but with Skype and messaging with Manxed I've been pleasantly surprised. They have been very reliable and I've really been able to count on them over the last year. Their working style is very professional, with clear communication and a detail-oriented approach. Plus their broad skillset includes coding, design and marketing all combined into one. I'd recommend Manxed to anyone who wants to improve their online business – indeed I've retained Adam and his team on a long term basis!

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Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist" >
Dr George Blair-West
Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist

What to ask when hiring a membership site developer?

Click on the questions below to see our answers

Do they specialise in membership site development?

Plenty of people have the skills to make generic websites but because membership websites are technically more difficult to create – less people work in this area. To avoid development hell, work with someone that is experienced in this niche.

Simply cut through the sales pitch by asking for previous examples of the membership websites they’re developed. Only go with those who can show you previous membership website examples.

Do they offer mobile responsiveness?

Mobile responsiveness simply means that the website works on all devices: desktops, laptops, phones and across different browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)

This is essential for any new website development nowadays but it can be a bit of a technical hassle for a developer. Double check this is on offer as some developers casually forget to mention this isn’t included. Check that their own website is mobile responsive as well.

Are they going to be custom coding the solution?

If your membership website requires some very unique functionality then a custom coded solution might be appropriate and this is something we can help you with. However, for the vast majority of cases a custom coded solution isn’t actually a good idea. But why?

Instead of custom coding the site, when you build with established membership frameworks (like we do) then the development process is massively reduced as you’re not having to ‘recreate the wheel’. What’s more established frameworks have pretty much all of the functionality required by most people. So choosing them makes things quicker which in turn also reduces the costs of the website.

But perhaps most important of all, it means that you’re not at the mercy of a developer. You see, the developer might code your website in their own unique way. This makes it much harder for another developer to be hired if things don’t work out between the two of you. So then you’re kind of stuck with that person no matter how good they are. But if you’re working with an established framework and something goes wrong with the developer then you’re going to have plenty of documentation, support forums and people that specialise with that framework who can help you out.

That’s why in almost all cases, established frameworks are a better choice over a custom coded solution.

Are working with the developer directly or through a middleman/agency?

You want to be working directly with the developer. Otherwise, some unscrupulous agencies will take your money and then outsource your work across the globe to low paid coders in India or the Phillipines. Not only will there end up being lots of miscommunication due to the language barrier, but the end result is likely to be terrible as well. Instead, work with companies that have their own employees and have professional quality and standard controls.

What happens after the development? Is there training and maintenance services?

After website development has finished, you don’t want to be left high and dry – instead work with someone that provides strong after care services. Training and support is necessary for a lot of people and having security and back up procedures in place is a sensible precaution. What’s more, with the website now developed, the next major step is to work with someone that can help you with the next stage of online sales and marketing.

You can check out our retainer agreements that we offer here. Also, consider the sales and conversion optimisation services offered here.

We Require The Following

Due to our busy schedule, we can only take on new clients that meet the following criteria:

  • Are looking for a premium, high end service
  • Are comfortable working with us remotely as we may not be able to meet in person
  • Have a decent sized budget

This program is for you!

The Teacher/Instructor

You’re an expert in a particular skill and people need your help. Whilst 1-on-1 teaching and group classes are a start, you realise a bigger impact on the world could be made by teaching hundreds if not thousands of people online.

The Private Members Club

You lead a group of people that have a unique specialisation or interest. You want this community to be bigger, stronger and more connected and realise that an online portal is the solution.

The Small Business Owner

You realise there’s more money in recurring payments than one time sales. You may have a back log of products that you could cross promote to your existing customer. Now you require someone to help you develop your membership site and sales funnel.

The Author

You’re already written a book that teaches people something unique but your readers demand more. You want to deliver this content to them online with the extra functionality that a book cannot do.

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